Acquire an adult merchant account with five helpful tips

The inevitable linkage with the adult entertainment industry has always put adult businesses under moral scrutiny, although it is legit to sell & buy adult products and services. Considered the vanguard of illegal activities, adult businesses, unfortunately, have a shady reputation, and traditional financial institutions often disapprove of their merchant accounts.

However, with adult businesses excessively venturing into digital spaces, online transactions have now become an indispensable need. This is compelling Adult Site Broker to expedite ways to get merchant account approved. This article discusses five helpful tips to acquire approvals faster.

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Five best ways to expedite the adult merchant account approvals

Although acquiring an adult merchant account is quite a hassle, it is legally possible to obtain one. Here are five useful tips to expedite your adult merchant account approvals.

Improve your credit scores
Credit scores play a major role in expediting your merchant account approvals. Ensure that you clear all your credit card debts or balances and bring them to the notice of credit companies as well. A clean credit history will make your reputation more legitimate and improve your credit ratings in a few months.

Merchant account services have recently improved their approvals for high-risk business accounts. Once you have a clean credit report, merchant account providers are more likely to speed up the account approvals.

Paying an extra fee is worth it
There is no doubt that adult businesses are high-risk ones. Merchant account providers often require high-risk businesses to pay higher fees. Hence, do not get intimidated when your service provider requests you an additional payment. It is worth every penny to get your business empowered with cashless payment options.

Ensure your paper works are intact
Applying for a legit account requires legit documents. Ensure that you are ready with a valid government-approved ID document such as bank statements, driver’s license, Employee Identification numbers (EIN), or Social security number (SSN) for application purposes. Some providers may even require processing statements for three months.

Keeping these documents ready can streamline and expedite your application process.

Be transparent with your dealings
Ensure that you can provide a valid reason for your previous bankruptcy or merchant account closure with your current service providers. Similarly, be true about your projected business volumes and ensure that these projections are not overly exaggerated.

If your service providers find that the projected volumes do not match, they could flag your account or freeze your funds without notice.

Convince them you are legit.
The most obvious reason why merchant account providers disapprove of account applications is because of their shady reputation. Take every possible chance to show them that you are a legit business. Adult businesses like adult book stores, adult toys, massage businesses, dating websites, escort services, adult membership websites, and strip clubs are legit businesses that high-risk merchant account providers often approve.

It is advised to seek the help of adult site brokers to expedite your approval processes. The faster you acquire an adult merchant account, the faster you make your business more lucrative.

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